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Seniors Struggle With Student Loans Too!

When Americans think of student debt, they think of it as a young person's problem. NOT SO! Increasingly seniors are struggling to pay back student loans....rising student debt among those 65 and older (from $2.8 B in 2005 to $18.2 B last year!). One senior testified before Congress that she anticipates the day when her Social Security benefits will be docked to make the payments on her student loans.


Fully Funded Public Schools....Reality or Fantasy?

The state of Washington may have recently set precedent for fully funding public education. The WA State Supreme Court is holding its legislature in contempt for not making enough progress toward fully funding public education. It does not force the Legislature to come up with a complete plan for fully funding public education before the end of this year but the court's ruling asserts the justices can punish the legislature for its failure. Plaintiffs had hoped for an effective time line but that did not happen.


Charter Schools Face New Challenges

North Carolina ruled that private and religious school vouchers were unconstitutional. The court asserted that the "General Assembly failed the children of the state when they use taxpayer money to fund private schools that have no legal obligation to teach students anything." Opponents are taking hope from this defeat.


Parents and Teachers: On the Same Side

Educators and Parents Agree on .....well, many things!  Most parents like their child's teachers and think well of the teacher in the classroom AND believe the teacher is effective. Polls nationwide show that in dramatic numbers repeatedly.