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Charter Schools Face New Challenges

North Carolins ruled that private and religious school vouchers were unconstitutional. The court asserted that the "General Assembly failed the children of the state when they use taxpayer money to fund private schools that have no legal obligation to teach students anything." Opponents are taking hope from this defeat.


Parents and Teachers: On the Same Side

Educators and Parents Agree on .....well, many things!  Most parents like their child's teachers and think well of the teacher in the classroom AND believe the teacher is effective. Polls nationwide show that in dramatic numbers repeatedly.


Contrast and Compare These States

Two states: Texas and California. Both belong to the Union (USA, of course). Yet each has a wildly different response to education, current events, history and any range of other topics.


Do Teachers Have to Take VOWS OF POVERTY?

Teachers earn far less than their similarly educated counterparts in other occupations and have no 'perks' such as expense accounts, mileage reimbursement, tuition reimbursement, insurance and car allowances, etc. A report by the Center for American Progress recently found that it is not just early career teachers that suffer but mid and late career teachers struggle with paltry incomes in virtually every state. 


Social Security is SECURE!

Across all 50 states, Social Security was marking its 79th birthday with good news. SOCIAL SECURITY IS SECURE!   Celebrations focused on the long term success of the Social Security system and the need to expand the program in order to meet the needs of current and future retirees. FDR signed the the bill into law in 1935 and the landmark legislation has become one of the most successful programs in American history.