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Rally in DC Fires Up Seniors

Unions and seniors united to appeal to Congress and say with one voice  "HANDS OFF SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE!".  The rally brought AFSCME, AFL-CIO, AFT, CWA, NEA, SEIU, as well as other organizations together to voice their concern over conservative efforts to voucherize Medicaid and reduce or privatize social security. Senators Warren and Pelosi, Reps Braley, Ellison, Garcia and others addressed the crowd with promises to stand strong. 


Know who your Supervisor of Elections Is

This year's midterm elections in Florida are important for the future of our state & all of its citizens, especiallly students who can't vote. If you are new to Florida or just haven't registered to vote, do it.


Rick Scott Fails Public Education

It is no secret that Rick Scott has helped the privatization movement of public education in Florida and hurt public education. In recent articles and editorials most of FLorida's major news publications have reported extensively on how bad the damage is.

Check out this link for the latest in a string of commentaries.....


Seniors Struggle With Student Loans Too!

When Americans think of student debt, they think of it as a young person's problem. NOT SO! Increasingly seniors are struggling to pay back student loans....rising student debt among those 65 and older (from $2.8 B in 2005 to $18.2 B last year!). One senior testified before Congress that she anticipates the day when her Social Security benefits will be docked to make the payments on her student loans.


Fully Funded Public Schools....Reality or Fantasy?

The state of Washington may have recently set precedent for fully funding public education. The WA State Supreme Court is holding its legislature in contempt for not making enough progress toward fully funding public education. It does not force the Legislature to come up with a complete plan for fully funding public education before the end of this year but the court's ruling asserts the justices can punish the legislature for its failure. Plaintiffs had hoped for an effective time line but that did not happen.