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“NYSUT applauds today’s Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality nationwide, a decision that is the culmination of a fight for justice over several decades by brave lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocates and their allies. "




From the Desk of the President - Deb Peterson - Fall 2015 RC 43 Conference

The 2015 NYSUT Retiree Council 43 Annual Conference will be held at 9AM on September 29, 2015 at SpringHill Suites Orlando Airport, 5828 Hazeltine National Drive, Orlando, FL 32822. We are extremely excited to welcome Karen Magee, President of NYSUT, A Union of Professionals, as our Keynote Speaker! In addition, Representatives from NYSUT, NYSUT RC 43; NYSTRS; FEA-R; and FLARA, be on hand to bring us the latest information regarding our pensions, benefits, healthcare and political action. This year’s conference is open to all NYSUT TRIF Unit Officers, Delegates and Members; Guests; Union Affiliates including AFT; NEA; FEA; AFL-CIO; ARA and invited Presenters.


"GOTCHYA": Best Arguments to EXPAND Social Security

People have a lot to say about Social Security. There are many who would discredit its success and try to diminish its benefits. They are the folks that want to raise the age limit, change its formula, scare younger people into believing that it cannot be counted on or privatize it. According to Social Security experts at SOCIAL SECURITY WORKS, none of that is necessary.  Consider these important facts:


Find Out What One Person Did When Asked to Undermine Public Education

After being 'robo called', swamped in expensive literature and asked one too many times to undermine the public education system she believes in fervently, this resident took to pen and paper to protest. Her articulate response to being asked to undermine public schools is worth emulating. Read, in her own words: (name, address and phone withheld for privacy)

The Coalition for Opportunity in Education 


Thank You FLARA President Tony Fransetta

Tony Fransetta Retiring FLARA President & Felicia Bruce NYSUT RC43 President


FLARA stands for the Florida Alliance of Retired Americans. It is the Florida division of the National organization ARA (NARA) which represents the best interests of retired folks. Until this week, Tony Fransetta had been the state's first and only president. Like its national counterpart in Washington, DC , FLARA monitors legislation at the seats of power; its members speak up in support of those bills which would help aging Americans and speaks out against those that would hurt the elderly.



More Useful Info About Medicare

Did you know Medicare covers many PREVENTIVE SERVICES? You must meet basic eligibility standards and when you have the right to receive these services regardless of whether you have Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan.