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Register to Vote

The elections this year are so important to the future of the Public Schools, Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid. If aren't registered to vote, get out and do it. 


Conference Reports Successes and Challenges

Organized and led by TRIF Council 43 President Deb Peterson, unit representatives received valuable information on a variety of topics ranging from Member Services, Legislative Updates, Retirement Security, Pension Information, the importance of VOTE COPE contributions and, of course, executive board members' reports. 


High Stakes Testing More Unpopular Than Ever

NEA's Board of Directors personally lobbied Congress before their recess to address the over emphasis on high stakes standardized testing which is a consequence of No Child Left Behind (NCLB)


Rally in DC Fires Up Seniors

Unions and seniors united to appeal to Congress and say with one voice  "HANDS OFF SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE!".  The rally brought AFSCME, AFL-CIO, AFT, CWA, NEA, SEIU, as well as other organizations together to voice their concern over conservative efforts to voucherize Medicaid and reduce or privatize social security. Senators Warren and Pelosi, Reps Braley, Ellison, Garcia and others addressed the crowd with promises to stand strong.