From the Desk of the President Deb Peterson - March -April 2017

I have emptied out the closet in my home office with the intent of recycling, repurposing and reorganizing that huge mountain of paperwork and materials I seem to have collected over the past 10 years. Sound familiar? Now my only problem is creating a pathway between the boxes and piles in order to navigate my way over to my laptop! To help me realize my vision of a streamlined filing system and a more ordered life in general, I am reaching out to the many resources provided by NYSUT and outlined in the newly published “Your Blueprint for a Successful Retirement: An online planning guide.” This wonderful treasure was created and developed by members of the 2014-2017 NYSUT Retiree Advisory Committee, an outstanding group of NYSUT Retirees of which I was privileged to be a member.

Odds 'n' Ends March - APRIL 2017

Odds 'n' Ends is the newsletter of  NYSUT Retiree Council 43, Teacher Retirees In Florida.  It is published bi-monthly, September - August.

March - April  2017

April is National Volunteer Month. We asked TRIF Chapters in RC 43 to tell us about the volunteer work that members do. We are overwhelmed by the response!  


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Special Notes in American History: Dred Scott

 “The worst decision ever rendered by the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS)”, “the greatest self-inflicted wound” .....these are descriptions of the 1857 Dred Scott Decision.  It would affect labor and constitutional law for decades and have a profound impact on the growing schism in the USA.

Special Notes in American History: Plessy v Ferguson

Supreme Court decisions are usually obscure and rarely publicized so it can be hard for people to understand how a single ruling impacts their lives. And yet, often they do. And frequently for decades into the future. So, it was with Plessy v. Ferguson. 

Special Notes in American History: Brown vs The Board of Education

The Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) refuses to hear many more cases than it considers. When that happens, the lower court rulings stand as ordered. In 1954 a collection of cases, five to be exact, were combined and argued before the SCOTUS.  Collectively, they came to be known as Brown v. The Board of Education.

We've Been Had by ALEC!

ALEC (American Legislative Council) is a well-funded organization, which operates outside of the political parties. ALEC is a “corporate bill mill, “ which groups conservative Republicans and corporate billionaires together to write legislation.  Its existence was virtually unknown until 2010, when, by accident, a reporter happened to stumble upon a meeting of the group.