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A Five Day Work Week 20% of the Time

Education critics often cite that teachers have a 'light' work schedule. While it is true that educators work 180-190 days a year, there are other professions that have a similar total, or less, such as firefighters and law enforcement (about 190-205 depending on jurisdictions). Teachers counter that they have no paid overtime and many other demands beyond the school clock hours that they are required to perform without compensation. 



ALBANY, NY, May 18, 2015 - New York State United Teachers today launched a radio advertising campaign that exposes Gov. Cuomo's proposed education tax credit for what it really is: "a shell game allowing corporations and the super rich to divert tax dollars to elite private schools."


Welcome Rosemary Catanzariti

WELCOME ROSEMARY CATANZARITI,  new ED 52 Director.  Rosemary currently serves as co-president of Retiree Council 19 as well as President of her retiree chapter in Glen Cove and is secretary of of the Retiree Delegates Council on Long Island. Additionally she attends Committee 100 lobbying actions and district lobby days. She has lobbied extensively on LI, in Albany and DC. As a member of LIPC she maintains dialogue pertinent to local issues with the presidents of in-service locals on LI.  


Honoring Our Own

Sheila Goldberg: veteran teacher, retired activist, self - confessed 'political junkie', fundraiser .... her list of accomplishments could go on and on.