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Politicians to LOVE; Some You Love to Hate

There are politicians in DC who are on the side of parents, teachers, students and the unions that are working to protect the integrity of the public education system. Reps Chris Gibson of NY and Kyrsten Sinema of AZ are sponsoring a bipartisan bill to cut the number of federally mandated tests (14) to less than half. The bill is the Student Testing Improvement and Accountability Act (HR 4172). Both participated in NEA's special tele-town hall on reducing the federal role in testing. 



Judy Austin has a long, strong history of service to NYSUT and , since 1995, to TRIF as well as her community and her family. A math teacher from Troy, NY, Judy was well suited to activism, service and money matters. She loved her job teaching and working in various capacities of union service during those years. 


AFL-CIO Asks for Solidarity

The AFL-CIO, AFSME and the teachers unions have asked all union members to stand together in solidarity. ALL unions are under attack by coalitions of conservative and 'neocons' who want to dismantle and discredit the power and influence of workers. Whether fighting increasing the minimum wage, assaulting pensions or privatizing, their message is consistent in all 50 states.


Historic Supreme Court Decisions

This recently ended Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) closed with the most contentious rulings handed down in a long time.

The Roberts Court, under the direction of Chief Justice Roberts, has made historic rulings expanding the scope of corporation rights unprecedented in American history, denying women rights in several circumstances and narrowing or otherwise undermining union bargaining rights.


From the Desk of the President Deb Peterson - June 2014

RC 43's Fall Conference will be on September 23, 2014 at Spring Hill Suites Orlando Airport. The day will be informative. Paul Pecorale newly elected NYSUT Vice President & David Keefe our rep to the NYSTRS are on the list of speakers for the day.