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Do Teachers Have to Take VOWS OF POVERTY?

Teachers earn far less than their similarly educated counterparts in other occupations and have no 'perks' such as expense accounts, mileage reimbursement, tuition reimbursement, insurance and car allowances, etc. A report by the Center for American Progress recently found that it is not just early career teachers that suffer but mid and late career teachers struggle with paltry incomes in virtually every state. 


Social Security is SECURE!

Across all 50 states, Social Security was marking its 79th birthday with good news. SOCIAL SECURITY IS SECURE!   Celebrations focused on the long term success of the Social Security system and the need to expand the program in order to meet the needs of current and future retirees. FDR signed the the bill into law in 1935 and the landmark legislation has become one of the most successful programs in American history. 


Radical GOP Governors Try to Change The Record

Many of the more radical GOP Governors elected in 2010 are facing tough re-election battles this November. Among them is FL Governor Rick Scott.

These governors are attempting to doctor their records on education funding. Their tactics range from rewriting history to proposing new funding with major strings attached. 


Turn Up the Heat! Yes, in August....

All together NOW....unions are asking their members to TURN UP THE HEAT....yes, in August! They are telling members, "Now is the time to turn up the heat on your members of Congress!". Congress has headed home to their districts for a 5 week vacation (don't laugh too hard or too loud...). They call it a district work period to meet with and listen to their constituents.


News Reporters or ALEC Lobbyists? Cambell Brown Update

Campbell Brown and George Will are two easily recognized faces and news figures. George Will makes regular appearances on news shows like MEET THE PRESS and is a syndicated columnist whose comments appear in newspapers across America. Brown is a former journalist and news reporter with ties to major networks like CNN, the charter school movement and now, anti tenure lawsuits. Her new self proclaimed label is 'education reformer'. Presumably when they talk, people listen.


Politicians to LOVE; Some You Love to Hate

There are politicians in DC who are on the side of parents, teachers, students and the unions that are working to protect the integrity of the public education system. Reps Chris Gibson of NY and Kyrsten Sinema of AZ are sponsoring a bipartisan bill to cut the number of federally mandated tests (14) to less than half. The bill is the Student Testing Improvement and Accountability Act (HR 4172). Both participated in NEA's special tele-town hall on reducing the federal role in testing.