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No Social Security for 2016 May Lead to Medicare Rate Increases

Every year but two for the last 40 years, people have seen a cost-of-living increase in their Social Security checks, an inflation adjustment. But, they will see no increase at all in their Social Security benefit in 2016. To make matters worse, a new report from the Center for Retirement Research, reveals that, unless there is a work-around, some people with Medicare will see almost a 50 percent increase in their Medicare Part B monthly premium. And, most people with Medicare will have less disposable income for non-health care related expenses.


Medicare News You Need To Know

Traveling Outside the US? If you are covered by Medicare and traveling abroad for an extended period of time, you need to know that Medicare does NOT typically cover medical care you get overseas. AND, if you do not maintain your Medicare coverage while traveling outside the US (ie: pay your Part B premiums), you will be subject to gaps and penalties upon your return. Contact Social Security or the Embassy of the country you reside in to fully understand how you may be impacted.


From the Desk of the President - Deb Peterson - September / Octobert 2015

With the high visibility and significance of 2016 Election cycle, NYSUT reviewed 5 topics of importance to its membership in the July/August 2015 issue of NYSUT United including Pre-K-12; Higher Ed; Healthcare; Labor and Jobs; and Retirement.

Based on that article, I put together my own “Standardized Test” for judging politicians and elected officials. The following represents a partial list of topics and questions.


Florida Education Issues Mount

The Florida Legislature continues to pass legislation that is neither popular nor educationally sound which frustrates parents and teachers alike. Last spring they abandoned their fiduciary responsibilities and adjourned without passing a state budget which meant a special session had to be called. The main issue of contention was the expansion of Medicaid but it meant that school districts across the state had to anticipate what monies would be available without any guidelines whatsoever.