Comparing the Candidates

Whether it's vouchers, unaccountable charter schools, educator-led unions, or student debt, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are worlds apart.


FLARA Meeting On the Treasure Coast

         Bill Sauers, President of FLARA, came to Port St. Lucie to address a group of retirees. He spoke passionately about the issues affecting seniors such as Social Security and Medicare. 



From the Desk of the President Deb Peterson - September / October 2016

September is the beginning of NYSUT’s fiscal and membership year, which affords us all with the opportunity for renewal and rejuvenation. It is also an opportunity to answer the charge of the NYSUT Standing Committee on Civil and Human Rights to advance the union's efforts to promote equity and social justice. NYSUT’s agenda promotes equal access to society's opportunities, thereby empowering people to have choices and control over their own destiny. 

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Economic Troubles for Florida Ahead

Brace yourself.....there is a bumpy ride ahead for Florida! Although the Florida Legislature does not convene until early 2017 and only holds session for two months, a lot of bad things can happen. Since there is a significant budget shortfall anticipated in the coming years, the incoming House Speaker Richard Corcoran has already made it clear he expects to sharply reduce spending on many government services as quickly as he can.