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Mid Term Elections, Seniors and Everybody's Future

All politics is LOCAL politics, or so pundits are fond of saying. Yet voter turnout is notoriously low in off year elections, when more local issues and candidates are at stake. Seniors have much more at risk this year and contrary to other constituencies, seniors turn out in greater proportion than their counterparts. 

Consider this: seniors are 13% of the voting base but 4/10 likely voters will be 65 or older at the time of the 2014 midterm elections. 


Members: Spring Into Action!

Use the MAC .... NYSUT supports advocacy for  a variety of causes and positions. You can use the MAC link to to protest Gov Cuomo's proposed tax cuts for the rich; to urge legislators to use the $2.2 B surplus for education. Act on behalf of public higher education  and LIKE AND SHARE our Public Higher Education Initiative FB page.


"Dark Money" or Legal Laundering?

The great Republican, Theodore Roosevelt, fought hard and triumphantly against monopolies and the abuses of enormous wealth. He called people like JP Morgan, JD Rockefeller, Mellon and Carnegie 'robber barons' because they cheated the common people and grew obscenely rich creating huge corporations that dominated their industries and ruthlessly eliminated their competition. One can only imagine what he would have said about today's politics, big business, robber barons and 'dark money'.


Tell ALEC Hands Off My Retirement Security

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a corporate-funded lobbying group that brings corporations and state legislators together to vote behind closed doors on model legislation without any public input.
Politicians then carry the water for ALEC’s corporate members by introducing those model bills in your states. Those bills can change policy on healthcare, education, workers’ rights and even your retirement.