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Treasure Coast TRIF: Still Learning & Having Fun

The Ellioitt Museum In Stuart, Florida has something for just about everyone to see. The collections inclide classic cars, trucks, bicycles, boats, baseball memorabilia, local history, Americans, a variety of art and a tribute to actress Frances Langford.



Sarasota Unit Visits Port Manatee

Port Manatee is one of Florida’s largest and fastest growing deepwater seaports. Located in the eastern Gulf of Mexico at the entrance to Tampa Bay, Port Manatee is also regarded as the closest U.S. deepwater seaport to the Panama Canal – providing shippers with speedy access to Pacific Rim markets.


Slow Moving "Big Wheels"

As 2015 comes to an end, both the Florida Legislature and the United States Congree have made slow progress on important issues.


Patriotism Is More Than Flag Waving

The flag of the US, the 'stars and stripes', symbolizes the patriotic ideals of a nation born in liberty and admired around the world. From the dawn's early light to the twilight's last gleaming, "Old Glory" is recognized on every continent. The flag itself was born in Philadelphia in June of 1777. However, there is so much more to patriotism than waving the flag or displaying it.