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NYSUT, A Union Of Professionals is an important asset for retirees.

Message from President Deb Peterson March/April 2011:

NYSUT, A Union Of Professionals is an important asset for retirees.  Our union leadership, publications, workshops, online communications and networking opportunities allow us to receive the latest updates on Education Law; Teacher Evaluation challenges; Negotiation trends; Budget impacts; Tax cut issues; as well as Social Security and Medicare legislative battles.  NYSUT presents opportunities for us to clarify media misinformation and misinterpretation.

We are encouraged as retirees to continue our union membership as there many goals yet to accomplish.  We have a vested interest in keeping our pensions secure and maintaining our healthcare benefits.  We have a responsibility to our family and communities to advocate for better education and positive socioeconomic conditions…no matter where we live.   In addition, many of us try to promote meaningful social activities as well through joining and volunteering in numerous community and civic organizations.

The Retiree Council 43 and Teacher Retirees In Florida (TRIF) Officers and Delegates, in turn, volunteer their time and expertise to represent and communicate your special concerns to our NYSUT leadership in NY with a strong emphasis on retaining the benefits we enjoy as retirees.  We invite you to maintain some of the activities you enjoyed during your working careers, to expand your union contributions in your retirement and to forge new relationships by joining your local TRIF Unit!  You can find the contact person for the unit in your area inside this website.